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Dr. Sanjay Bharti

Meet Dr. Sanjay Bharti MD at MedBridge WV in Fairmont, WV and Mannington, WV

At MedBridge WV, meet Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD, for all your health problems. He provides exceptional services to the patients and makes sure that everyone gets topnotch treatment. We offer services including ultrasounds, urgent care, asthma treatment, allergies, telemedicine, and chronic care. For more information, contact us today or book an appointment online. We have two convenient locations in Fairmont WV and Mannington WV. We serve patients in Fairmont WV, Mannington WV, White Hall WV, Pleasant Valley, WV, Monongah WV, Barrackville WV, Metz WV, and surrounding areas.

Meet Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD at MedBridge WV in Fairmont WV and Mannington, WV
Meet Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD at MedBridge WV in Fairmont WV and Mannington, WV

Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD

When did Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD, found MedBridge?

Dr. Sanjay Bharti, a resident of West Virginia for twenty-two years, is an internal medicine specialist who feels strongly that health care should be driven by the patient and not by the health care system. He founded MedBridge over fifteen years ago in hope of creating a clinic where physicians become patient navigators.

How does Dr. Bharti treat patients?

As a patient navigator, he helps his patients through their healthcare journey so that they do not have to suffer from uncertainty, ambiguity, and lack of collaboration in their care. Medbridge is not a business, but who he is.

How can I book an appointment with Dr. Bharti?

You can simply call us to book an appointment.

What does patients say about Dr. Bharti?

Patients love to get their treatments from Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD. For more information, you can check, patient reviews.

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