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ADHD Treatment

ADHD Treatment Specialist in Fairmont, and Mannington WV

Do you see impulsivity, hyperactivity, and lack of concentration in your child? Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a chronic neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a person’s feelings, actions, and emotions. ADHD first appears in childhood and then progresses throughout maturity. If you are concerned about ADHD evaluations, then visit MedBridge WV where Dr. Sanjay Bharti, MD, will help you with ADHD by providing effective treatment such as medication, behavioral measures, and therapy. To consult our professionals, please contact us or book an appointment online. We have two convenient locations in Fairmont WV and Mannington WV.

ADHD Treatment Near Me in Fairmont, and Mannington WV
ADHD Treatment Near Me in Fairmont, and Mannington WV

Table of Contents:

What are the three signs of ADHD?
What is an ADHD person like?
What are the 3 types of ADHD?
Is ADHD a learning disability or a mental illness?

Welcome to MedBridge WV, a primary care clinic providing services for those in Fairmont, and Mannington WV. Our team of experts offers treatments that focus on the overall health of your mind, body, and soul. If you’re looking for a clinic that cares deeply about all aspects of its patient’s well-being, MedBridge WV could be the right fit for you. For further information about the ADHD treatment specialists at MedBridge WV, please continue reading down below!

What are the three signs of ADHD?

Everyone will experience symptoms slightly differently, especially depending on the type of ADHD you have. There are three main categories of ADHD symptoms you will likely experience, including inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity.

Inattention symptoms include:

• Short attention span
• Forgetfulness
• Distractible
• Difficulty listening
• Inability to pay attention to details
• Poor organization
• Poor academics

Hyperactivity symptoms include:

• In constant motion
• Has difficulty remaining still
• Excessive talking
• Inability to engage in quiet activities
• Inability to stay on task
• Constant fidgeting

Impulsivity symptoms include:

• Interrupts others frequently
• Difficulty waiting
• High-risk taker
• Blurts out answers and comments before thinking

What is an ADHD person like?

Attention deficit disorder is a mental health condition that causes a person to experience symptoms such as impulsiveness, inability to maintain focus, increased distractibility, hyperactivity, and more. Both children and adults of any gender can have this type of disorder. Though it is most often first diagnosed in childhood, it can be diagnosed later in life. Adults with ADHD have personality traits including low self-directedness, high novelty seeking, low cooperativeness, and harm avoidance. If you have ADHD, you may be interested in activities that are exciting and mentally stimulating.

What are the 3 types of ADHD?

There are three main types of attention deficit disorder: combined, impulsive, and inattentive.

Combined ADHD

Combined ADHD is classified by characteristic traits of both impulsive and inattentive types. Someone with this type of ADHD has behaviors that are both hyperactive and distractible. It is the most common type of ADHD in both children and adults.

Impulse and hyperactive ADHD

Those with impulsive and hyperactive ADHD typically feel constant urges to excessively talk, move, fidget, and interrupt. This type of ADHD also causes symptoms including constant interrupting, impatience, trouble sitting still, and blurting out random comments at the wrong times.

Inattentive & Distractible ADHD

People who suffer from inattentive and distractible ADHD show symptoms including short attention span, forgetfulness, procrastination, and distractibility. They experience a complete lack of focus but don’t show signs of hyperactivity.

Is ADHD a learning disability or a mental illness?

ADHD is a developmental disorder of the brain that causes restlessness, trouble completing tasks, forgetfulness, impatience, and more. This type of condition is classified as a mental illness and not as a learning disability. It doesn’t affect your ability to participate in mathematics, reading, and writing like learning disabilities such as dyslexia do. Instead, it affects your ability to focus and behave appropriately.

If you or a loved one is struggling with symptoms of ADHD, please don’t hesitate to reach out to MedBridge WV. Our team of specialists would love to help schedule you for an appointment in person or online through our teletherapy services. Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can make everyday tasks feel daunting. We want to ensure you have the tools and resources needed to manage your symptoms and get your life back. If you have any additional questions about ADHD treatment specialists in Fairmont and Mannington WV, our friendly staff can provide you with any additional information you may need to feel fully comfortable for your or your loved ones’ first appointment. We have two convenient locations in Fairmont WV and Mannington WV. We serve patients from Fairmont WV, White Hall WV, Pleasant Valley, WV, Westchester WV, Colfax WV, Monongah WV, and surrounding areas

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