About Us

At Med Bridge, we believe in the three C’s – Competency, Compassion and Collaboration.

We strive to take care of all of our patient’s needs, from beginning to end, through our comprehensive care. Gone are the days of visiting multiple clinics for multiple problems. We want to be your all-in-one health care provider to tackle every single one of your needs. At Med Bridge, we strive to improve the patient experience through enhanced provider access, appointment scheduling, accepting walk-in appointments and a continuum of care. With great compassion comes a great experience, and we want each of our patients to know that we have truly invested in them.

Care Providers

Shalee Shumiloff

Fairmont Location

Miranda Riggs

Mannington Location

Bronya Tucker

Mannington Location


With patient-focused care in mind, our goal is to see you as soon as possible, and get you back to feeling your best-self.